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Carpet Cleaning & Protection

Even the most expensive vacuum with the highest suction power available on the market today is unable to effectively remove all the dirt from your carpet. Over time, dirt accumulates deep within the fibres of your carpet and can only be thoroughly cleaned through a professional cleaning service.

Along with the dust and dirt, our cleaning service also eradicates the harmful bacteria trapped, thus improving the air quality in your home or office, keeping your family and co-workers free of related allergies and headaches.

Timesaving & Cost-effective Encapsulation Cleaning System
Complimentary Electrical Fogging
Deep Cleanse Extraction Cleaning System
The Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) Advantage

Timesaving & Cost-effective Encapsulation Cleaning System

  • Based on the latest technology, our encapsulation cleaning system uses a unique cleaning agent that emulsifies dirty soil particles, turning them into visible crystals which can be then easily removed through vacuuming. Because it works like dry-cleaning, you do away with the need to rinse and dry, saving yourself valuable time while reducing disruption to your operations. And because encapsulation does not require hot water, unlike most traditional cleaning methods, it helps cut down your utility bill, making it a more cost-effective option.

  • Complimentary Electrical Fogging

  • We complete each carpet cleaning service with a thorough electrical fogging session using the same HECS Anti-Microbial solution so your tabletops and furnishings are protected with the same remarkable anti-bacterial layer that continues to fight bacteria and fungus for the next three months.

  • Deep Cleanse Extraction Cleaning System

  • Recommended for heavily soiled carpets, the extraction cleaning system employs an eco-friendly cleaning solution that’s specially formulated in Australia, which easily breaks down the oily soil deposits found in your carpets. After a round of thorough brushing to massage and loosen the carpet fibre, our industrial strength extraction machine is put to task to remove any additional trapped dirt as well as water. We end with a conditioning rinse that neutralizes the PH level of your carpet, giving even your most badly soiled carpet a fresh start.

  • The Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) advantage

  • Our revolutionary Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) gets your carpet comprehensively cleansed through patented Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal treatments that effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria and allergens that trigger coughs and colds. The HECS Protective Treatment is then applied, covering your carpets with a defensive layer that continues to fight microorganisms for the next three months, keeping your carpet clean and fresh for longer.