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Anti Microbial Mist Treatment


Our electrical flogging significantly improves your air quality while effectively curbing the spread of bacterial and fungal infestations on your premises, all the while staying kind to the environment.


The Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) Advantage

Our specially formulated Anti-Microbial solution, which forms a crucial part of our Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS), is backed by the PSB ODS-Free Verification Certification. This eco-friendly and non-toxic Australian formulation effectively rids your premises of harmful multi-resistant bacteria species and fungus and continues to protect treated surfaces by forming a self-sterilizing coating. This amazing anti-bacterial layer continues to fight bacteria and fungus for the next three months.


Short Downtime

Once the electrical fogging is carried out by our authorized technician, it takes only 30-45 minutes for the anti-microbial mist to settle and work its magic on your premises. So you are ready to get back to work within the hour.