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commercial cleaning services in Singapore


You spend most of your days and hours in the office and it is extremely important that you are in a healthy environment with air that is clean and free or allergens. To ensure that, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the cleanliness of your carpets. With hundreds to thousands of people walking in and out of your commercial area, it’s no surprise that your carpet is nasty and trapped with bacteria and dust.

A mere vacuum job will not do anything to clean your carpet. Crusade offers one of the best commercial cleaning services in Singapore and we are there for you to keep your carpets healthy and clean. A clean and healthy office environment starts here!


Our professional cleaners offer complete solutions to any number of commercial cleaning issues, including:

  • Wall-to-wall carpet
  • Hygienic Deep Cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Steam extraction
  • Rugs Cleaning
  • Stain removing cleaning

Our cleaning solutions are kind to the environment and represent the most cost-effective choice in Singapore.

Even the most expensive vacuum with the highest suction power available on the market today is unable to effectively remove all the dirt from your carpet. Over time, dirt accumulates deep within the fibres of your carpet and can only be thoroughly cleaned through a professional cleaning service.

Along with the dust and dirt, our cleaning service also eradicates the harmful bacteria trapped, thus improving the air quality in your home or office, keeping you and co-workers free of related allergies and headaches.