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Healthy Environmental Cleaning System (HECS)

Eco-friendly Cleaning Solution

Our revolutionary Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) employs cleaning solutions made from eco-friendly plant extracts that destroys the bacteria and allergens that irritates your skin. Our specially formulated Anti-Microbial solution, which forms a crucial part of our Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS), is backed by the PSB ODS-Free Verification Certification.

Extended Self-sterilizing Feature

We gets your soft furnishing comprehensively cleansed through patented Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal treatments that effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria and allergens that trigger coughs and colds. The HECS Protective Treatment is then applied, covering your furnishing with a self-sterilizing layer that continues to fight microorganisms for the next three months, keeping them clean and fresh for longer.

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces dust mite activity
  • Eliminates allergens and bacteria
  • Effectively removes stubborn stains
  • We guarantee that no harmful cleaning solutions. Our guarantee is endorsed by PSB ODS-Free Verification Certification
  • Soft Furnishing lasts cleaner longer. Its soil release polymer coats every individual fibre deterring rapid re-soiling
  • The anti-microbial component kills all microbes including multi-resistant bacteria species, fungi, mould and yeast harmful to humans.
  • A protective self-sterilizing coating foamed on treated surfaces. This anti-bacterial layer continues to kill bacteria and fungus for a period of three months.
mould on bread

This is a picture showing the effectiveness of HECS Anti-Microbial Treatment. Mould is present on non-treated area on the bread. The mould does not cross multiply on the TREATED area.

Antibacterial Activity Testing

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