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Marble Polishing & Protection

Marble continues to be a popular choice of flooring for many homes and businesses and is a worthy investment. It rewards owners with a gleaming surface only if it is properly cared for. Daily foot traffic causes micro scratches that not only causes it to lose its shine, but also allows dirt and other particles to be trapped within, permanently staining its surface. But all is not lost.

We have the skills and technology to restore your marble floors to their former glory.

Cutting Edge Stain Removal
Polishing & Protection

Cutting Edge Stain Removal

  • We treat badly stained marble floors by gently removing the top layer of the marble with our precision-based diamond cutting technology. This allows us to lightly lift the stain off your floor, returning it to its original pristine condition without risking any damage to your surfaces.

  • Polishing & Protection

  • Dull and weathered marble floors can be rejuvenated through our delicate yet thorough polishing service, which skillfully brings the shine back to your floors. We end off with our Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) Anti-Bacterial treatment so your floors stays bacteria-free for the next three months.