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General Cleaning


Each building type requires a slightly different approach to cleaning. We have served clients as big as factory operators and as small as HDB owners and are well equipped and experienced to cater to all.

Sometimes you just do not have the time to do the cleaning and tidying in your house. That’s when the help of professional cleaners comes in handy! Crusade offers all types of cleaning you and your home need.

No more fuss and frustrations as we provide the best cleaning services to solve your daily housework of cleaning, scrubbing and dusting. Whether you only need the cleaning once, once a month, or bi-weekly, we can provide to your cleaning needs.

Our general cleaning services include all spring cleaning & domestic helpers for your house and office. The cleaning will ensure that your home or office space is spick and span, hygienic and tidy.

Crusade General Cleaning Service uses cleaning solutions that does not harm the environment but strong enough to disinfect germs and bacteria laying around. Our professional cleaners are trained to know the in and outs of keeping your residential area clean and fresh in all aspects.


Your Budget, Your Schedule, Your Needs

We follow your lead. Simply let us know how often you need your building cleaned, what are your expectations and what type of budget we need to work around with. Our general cleaning service ensures your premises stay clean and conducive all year round.

Any & Everywhere

Be it walls, ceilings, windows, floors, kitchens, bathrooms or balconies; post-renovation or Pre-Chinese New Year spring-cleaning. Wherever the location, whatever the occasion, our professional teams are standing by.

crusade general cleaning